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About US

Our doctors provide a wide range of services to help you on your journey to better health.

Mobile Services

We can eliminate unnecessary trips to an office waiting room. 

Licensed Therapists

Helping, adults, teens, and families manage anxiety and depression, heal from grief and trauma. 

Knowing that you're in safe hands and the sustainability of your recovery is our mission.

Taking care of every patient's health needs

Blupeak Health is an integrated medical practice that provides care on site to Assisted living facilities, group homes, Skilled nursing facilities and Behavioral Health residential facilities.

Our integrated medical practice is simple: Providing high quality care that leads to better outcomes and a healthier you. Our team of dedicated professionals take pride in their ability to deliver care on site, engage patients at their own pace, and collaborate with facility stakeholders. This whole person approach to care promotes better outcomes, better care and a healthier lifestyle in the communities we serve.

Health Plans
We Accept

We accept most insurance plans, we will file your claim to make the insurance process as easy as possible. 

Contact Us

BluPeak Health corporate office information

Questions? Feedback? Let us know!


Helping professionals return to what they value in their lives. Our driven focus is centered on providing extensive resources and support to our dedicated teams.

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